Self Portrait 2017

"Selfie in the snow"

Image taken on an iPhone 6s on January 7th, 2017 in Portland, Oregon, while waiting for a westbound 9 bus. 

Image translated into vectors on February 23rd - 24th, 2017, in the *new* studio on se Ash street. 

NOTE OF WARNING: The "self" being reflected in these images is dynamic, and though the moment is preserved, the "self" is not. The singular "self" does not exist, instead what inhabits the body vessel is a series of interconnected selves that emerge and disappear constantly, influencing one another as they overlap. Here is a translation of an image captured of the "self" as it was 6 weeks ago. 








Valentines Day 2017

I grew you two roses: first in my garden, and then in my studio. 

I reached into this earth that we share, this muck that surrounds our home, and out of it i drew a rose, for you. 

You dug me a hole, and i filled it with hopeful youth and dirt, and waited patiently and impatiently. 

You bought me water and i grew you roses. You brought me food and I grew you roses. You nursed me when I was ill, and I grew you roses. You supported me when I could not stand, and I grew you roses. 

I have nothing to offer but seeds and stones, leaves and bones. But you return every night and smell the sweet scent of our roses as though it is new. 

I grew you three roses: first in my mind, then in my hands, and then in my heart.