Ariel "REL" Weiser

Ariel is a published graphic designer and art director living and working in Portland, OR. She works out of Desert Island Studios, which she helped found in 2016, and enjoys hosting, curating, and attending shows and events in the space. She has a passion for organizing events and coordinating projects, and has been managing people and details for over 4 years. She loves to strategize creative projects, and can work well in most environments, including the organized chaos of a restaurant or set, or the quiet of a self-directed office space. She is passionate, focused, adaptive, and enjoys being part of a team. 

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Ariel’s recent features (publications and shows):

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  • Creepy Christmas Fest - December 2018

  • The Dead Or Alive Show - September 2018

  • Beacon Magazine - April 2018

  • Wake Up Screaming - March 2018